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Alternative Band Northern National released their debut EP, The New Age, in the fall of 2016 and have never looked back. The Dallas, TX based 4 piece has toured with acts such as Blue October, Cleopatrick, The Band CAMINO, The Unlikely Candidates and shared the stage with many more.

The New Age features 5 indie-rock gems, including their debut single, Love is Fire, and their heartfelt love song Dallas which caught the attention of Spotify. Love is Fire was featured on Spotify's Discover Weekly playlist and charted on Spotify's Viral 50 worldwide. Music curators such as Topsify, Filtr, and even Coca-Cola, have also featured the song on their playlists. Since the release of The New Age, Northern National's songs have been streamed over 3 million times and counting. You might have even heard them while watching TBS or MTV.

Their single Slow Down was featured on multiple Spotify Editorial Playlists including New Noise & Feelgood Indie, charted in the Viral 50, and is climbing in streams daily - recently reaching 850,000.

In 2019, Northern National is set to release multiple new singles, starting with their new single Not All Family Is Blood. Not All Family Is Blood is an anthem written for the people you choose to be in your life. We are all born with blood-relatives but we get to choose our family in this lifetime. The song is dedicated to those rag-tag groups that you surround yourself with.

Not All Family Is Blood was featured by Taco Bell, BMI, Alternative Addiction and many more.

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Ones To Watch - "Northern National has delivered a refreshing spin on today’s alternative rock, and it looks like the scope of their innovation won’t end here. The smooth, powerful vocals layered over chill beats and intricate guitar riffs make their music undeniably catching."

Wolf in a Suit - "Texas be loud and be proud because we are the home of Northern National and the guys are bringing the fire back to the music scene in the state."

Crate Diggers - "The next big band out of Dallas”

Central Track - "The mainstream hit potential here is huge”

The Daily Listening - "They portray everything rock should be"


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Born Music- "Northern National show no signs of slowing down."

Grunge Cake- “Slow Down” is an anthemic record about standing up tall for a lover. It’s motivational."

Alex The Blogger - "Northern National is at their best with “Slow Down”."

The Dutch Guy - "Texan indie pop-rockers show they’re far from slowing down!"

The New Nine - "The song is the perfect intro into their new sound."

York Calling - "An alternative band from the United States who are sure to be storming the charts soon.

Blondie & The Beat - "The haunting backup vocals and consistent hit of a drum make this stand out."




Ones To Watch - "It’s big, its powerful, and it demands to be listened to." 

Earmilk- "The love-laden track also takes on an engulfing form with the lead's commanding vocal that shows purely undeniable passion."

Wolf in a Suit - "Texas be loud and be proud because we are the home of Northern National and the guys are bringing the fire back to the music scene in the state."

Heart Eyes Magazine- "An unforgettable track that is going to be a crowd favorite and a standout."

Ear To The Ground - "This has all the makings of a hit. Catchy as hell, “Slow Down” blends indie electro with stadium sized rock, and it works masterfully."

Bill CS Music - "“Slow Down” would fit perfectly into either mainstream or alternative rock radio."

The Revue - "Northern National have all the potential elements needed for a breakout from their Dallas roots and reaching a worldwide audience."

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